December 15, 2022

Do Hair Extensions Contribute To Hair Loss?


When you want to instantly add length and volume to your hair you may be tempted to opt for hair extensions. This is especially true if you have thin spots that you’d like to fill in. But are hair extensions really the best choice, or could they possibly contribute to hair loss? Those are the questions we are here to answer for you today. While hair extensions are gorgeous they are not without risk, and in some circumstances, they can be really bad for your hair.

Do Hair Extensions Contribute To Hair Loss?

The question on everyone’s mind right now is how can something that makes your hair look so good to be bad for your hair. The answer is that it’s not necessarily the extensions themselves that cause problems. It’s how they are applied and how long they are worn that can cause damage to your hair and follicles that results in hair loss. The first issue is that the glue that bonds the extension to your natural hair can actually strip the hair of the natural protective protein barrier. This weakens the hair and makes it more prone to breakage. The second issue is that the added weight of the extension creates continuous tension that can damage your follicles and cause your natural hairs to fall out, and sometimes they don’t regrow.  

Other Ways Extensions Damage Hair

So we’ve established that yes, extensions can cause hair loss, but there are other ways that they can damage your hair. The glue used to attach them can actually cause damage by stripping away the outer protective protein layer which weakens your natural hair. Combine this with the tugging action of the weight of the extensions and you have a recipe for not only hair loss but breakage as well. Clip-in extensions are a little less damaging, but they still pull on your scalp.

Is There A Way To Minimize Extension Related Hair Loss?

If you’re not willing to completely give up your extensions there are some things you can do to minimize the negative impact they can have on your hair. If you learn to strengthen and protect your strands and wear extensions the right way you can keep your extensions without losing your hair. The first step is to work with your stylist to develop a hair care routine to get your hair as strong and healthy as possible. And the key to keeping it thick and healthy is to give your hair a break from extensions. Don’t wear them for too long at a time, two to three months at the most, and then change your hairstyle for a while to give your follicles a chance to rest.

Can You Use Extensions To Conceal Hair Loss?

But what if you’re already suffering from hair loss? Can you use extensions to fill in and conceal the thin spots? You really shouldn’t. While it provides a temporary “fix” in the long run you are stressing your hair follicles and making the hair loss worse. There are more practical ways to combat your hair loss. If you need a quick boost of volume opt for gentler clip-in extensions and wear them only for the special event.

Combatting Extension Related Hair Loss

No matter the cause of hair loss, there is no overnight solution. Patience and maintenance are required to encourage hair growth, but there are a few things you can do to undo some of the damage extensions have caused. PRP injections are helpful for strengthening the scalp and awakening and nourishing the hair follicles to encourage new healthy growth.

If you’ve been wearing hair extensions and noticing your natural hair getting thinner, schedule a discreet and private consultation at the Hair Restoration Institute. We will evaluate your hair and scalp health and degree of hair loss and discuss the best  treatment options available to restore your hair. Call us at 612-588-HAIR (4247) for your complimentary consultation. You can find us at 8030 Old Cedar Ave S Ste 202 in Bloomington, MN.