November 30, 2022

The Most Prominent Differences In Hair Transplant Surgery Between Ladies and Gents


Hair transplant surgeries are becoming more and more common as more people gravitate toward them. Hair loss can be difficult to combat, both emotionally and physically, so finding effective treatments like transplant surgery can bring a big relief. Especially when it comes to something that can take such a big blow to confidence. But as more women start to choose this option, it is important to remember the differences in hair transplant surgeries that occur for women vs men. 

Hair Transplant Surgery: The Basics

Hair transplants are, of course, a kind of surgery that combats hair loss, and hair thinning. There are clinics that specialize in this treatment as well as other hair loss treatment methods. How these surgeries work is straightforward. Your surgeon will take healthy follicles from around the head, and transplant those follicles into areas where hair has stopped growing or begun to thin. There are a couple of different methods of doing this however, you should be aware of. 

The FUT method, or the “strip surgery” method, involved removing a strip of skin with healthy follicles. Then, these healthy follicles will be separated for implantation around the rest of the scalp. The FUE method, which stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, directly extracts each individual follicle from the donor areas for implantation, without removing the skin. 

The procedure, especially the FUT method, can result in some scarring on the scalp, but there are ways to hide it. Treatments like scalp micropigmentation can cover those up, and make it hard to notice. It can take up to two weeks to recover from the surgery, and to recover as quickly as possible pay close attention to the aftercare instructions given to you post-procedure. 

Woman’s Treatments VS Men’s 

Men and women both are eligible for hair transplants, but there is a difference between the two. This is primarily because of the difference in the nature of hair loss between men and women. Men’s hair loss is a result of DHT, a byproduct of testosterone. The way DHT targets the hair typically leaves a halo of hair resistant to the hormone around the back of the head, meaning there is plenty of hair available for a transplant. It is easy to predict, and thus easy to work with. Hair loss in women however tends not to be so precise. It is more widespread across the head, which can create complications in finding a proper spot for donor follicles. This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to do by any means, it’s just a notable difference in how the procedure will look for different people. Plenty of women are eligible for and have successful transplants. Just make sure that eligibility is determined by one of our trustworthy specialists. 

More and More Women are Making This Choice!

As of right now, transplant surgeries are one of, if not, the best methods of restoring hair lost to hair loss. For anything experiencing thinning hair and balding, it is one of the best solutions around save for wigs and hair replacement. Just keep in mind that even with the surgery, depending on how heavy your hair loss experience has been, it may not be restored to its full glory. After all, the amount of hair follicles available to transplant is finite, so it doesn’t add more hair to your head. It just redistributes how much area it uses. But the benefits are there, clearly, as the confidence in women suffering hair loss rises from the help of this surgery. It has helped many reduce receding hair patterns, and put back volume thinning areas. Every woman, young or old, sick or healthy, deserves to have their hair. 

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