June 30, 2021

What I Like Most About My Hair Transplant


If you have thinning hair, you might be considering a hair transplant. Whether you’ve already been evaluated by an expert medical professional at the Hair Restoration Institute or you’ve been thinking that a transplant may be the right option for you, you may wonder what your life will be like after hair transplantation. If a hair transplant is the best treatment for you, this could be your reaction after you move forward with your life after your hair transplant: Now that I’ve had my hair transplant, I don’t have to hide under a hat anymore. Millions of people experience hair loss, and some spend their lives hiding their scalp under hats, scarves, and other coverings to avoid having people notice their thinning hair. But once your hair grows back after transplanting healthy hair follicles into thinning areas of your scalp, you’ll want to show off your natural-looking hair! My hair looks completely natural after my hair transplant. After a hair transplant at the Hair Restoration Institute, your hair will look natural because we use your own hair follicles. Transplants work because they tackle the problem at the root – or the follicle, where all hair grows. Thinning hair happens because some follicles shrink and no longer grow hair anymore, so when this happens to all the follicles in one area of your scalp, you’ll notice thinning. But other areas of hair continue to grow, and it’s in those areas where we find donor follicles. Taking just a few of those and placing them artistically into thinning areas, your hair will look fuller – and completely natural – once again.  It didn’t take long for me to get back to work. Our professional FUT and FUE hair transplantation procedures can usually be done in one day. They’re also minimally invasive, so the recovery period is short, recovery times always vary for each person. Most people can return to work in about two to five days after the procedure. Some even take a little time off for a mini-vacation while they allow their scalp to heal.  I get so many compliments on my hair now! Hair transplantation is more than a medical procedure. It takes a truly artistic talent to place follicles perfectly for the most natural look and to reconstruct a natural-looking hairline, so the results are amazing. If your thinning has become noticeable, people may be avoiding complimenting you on your hairstyle. But once you’ve had your hair transplantation procedure and your hair is growing back, you’ll likely find that people are more willing to compliment your hair.  My hair transplant was easy, and I can’t believe I waited so long. Lots of people are reluctant when they first learn that a hair transplant is a right option for them. Instead of getting excited about the possibilities, they put it off for another day. But the experts here at the Hair Restoration Institute go above and beyond to make sure all our patients are comfortable before, during, and after their hair transplantation procedures. We understand what it feels like to need a hair replacement procedure, and our helpful and understanding staff is dedicated to making it easy for you to get the treatment that will change your life.  I’m always smiling now that I got my hair transplant! One of the best things about a hair transplant is the return of confidence that you get when you no longer have to be self-conscious about your thinning hair. Most of our patients experience a positive lift in mood as their hair grows back and they get rid of those thinning areas and have natural-looking hair. We love to see our patients smile – and it’s something we experience every day! Don’t put it off any longer. Come into the Hair Restoration Institute for a discreet, complimentary consultation to see which hair replacement treatments, including hair transplantation, will be most effective for your needs. We’ll evaluate your health and your degree of hair loss to develop a hair replacement plan that’s unique for you! You’ll find us at 8030 Old Cedar Ave S Ste 202 in Bloomington, MN, or call 612-588-HAIR (4247) for your private, complimentary consultation.