January 31, 2022

Solutions for Women’s Hair Loss


  Discovering thinning hair is upsetting for everyone, but for women, it can be unexpected. After all, most of us think of hair loss as being a problem that men experience. But the truth is that there are millions of women dealing with hair loss for a variety of reasons, and if you’re one of them, you want hair restoration solutions that work.  What is women’s hair loss? The reason that people think of men when they think of hair loss is primarily because of the way hair loss happens for women. In men, male pattern baldness becomes noticeable in a predictable pattern, with receding hairlines and bald spots or thinning on the top of the head, toward the back.  In women, the ‘pattern’ is a bit less noticeable – but if you’re experiencing it, it becomes very noticeable for you. Female pattern baldness happens differently from male pattern baldness, and the primary difference is that you have general hair loss all over. Women with thinning hair will usually start to notice it at their part, which will seem thinner than usual, or they’ll notice that their hair doesn’t seem to have as much volume as it did in the past.  What are the causes of women’s hair loss? Women can have some of the same causes of hair loss as men, and there are some special circumstances where women will experience more hair loss.  Hormones. Hormones play a significant role in hair loss, especially the male hormone testosterone. That’s usually the information that confuses people – how can women lose hair if it’s a male hormone? The truth is that we all have some hormones that are normally associated with the opposite sex because they play other roles in the body. Therefore, all women have some levels of testosterone. The problem with hair loss usually occurs when a woman’s female hormones are out of balance, resulting in a greater concentration of testosterone. Testosterone works directly on receptors in hair follicles and can cause them to shrink in some instances, which slows or stops hair growth.  Genes. The vast majority of people with hair loss have inherited it from their family members. But just because members of your family experience hair loss, that doesn’t mean that you will have the same experience. There are usually other factors – like hormones – that act on the follicles directly. If you have inherited hair loss, it’s probably simply a follicle sensitivity that results in hair loss. When sensitive follicles are more sensitive to the actions of excess testosterone, for example, they are more likely to stop hair growth. Other causes. There are several other issues and conditions that can contribute to female hair loss, including stress, medications, medical conditions, hair pulling, tight hairstyles, and more. That’s why it’s so important to have a professional hair loss expert at the Hair Restoration Institute assess your individual hair loss and determine a personalized hair restoration plan that will work for you. What treatments are available for female hair loss? There are multiple solutions available for women to stop hair loss, encourage new hair growth, and replace hair that’s been lost due to hair thinning. It’s important to choose the solutions that are right for you based on the extent of your hair loss, the cause of your hair loss, and your goals for hair restoration. Some of these choices include:

  • HRI Dermal Lens Effect Women’s Hair Replacement Systems
  • Medical Hair Transplants (including eyebrow transplantation)
  • Laser Hair Loss Treatment
  • PRP Hair Restoration Therapy
  • HRI Hair Loss Treatment and Prevention products
  • And more!
Your personalized hair restoration treatment plan at the Hair Restoration Institute may include one of these or a combination of treatments that are designed to target your individual needs.  While some of these treatments help stop the hair loss before it gets more severe, others help stimulate hair growth. Some of these, such as medical hair transplants and the Dermal Lens system, help replace the hair that you may have already lost. All these effective treatments work together to give you the best results for your hair restoration treatment plan.  Whether you’re a man or a woman, discovering thinning hair can be an upsetting experience. At the Hair Restoration Institute, we’re here to help with effective solutions for hair loss for both men and women. Make an appointment for your discreet, free consultation today to have a caring professional create a personalized hair replacement treatment plan for you. You’ll find us at 8030 Old Cedar Ave S Ste 202 in Bloomington, MN, or call 612-588-HAIR (4247) for a private, complimentary consultation.