November 30, 2023

Revolutionizing Hair Restoration: Cutting-Edge Treatments in Bloomington


Hair loss can deeply impact our confidence. Here at the Hair Restoration Institute, Bloomington's renowned hair restoration clinic, we understand the emotional toll of hair loss and its broader impact on our clients. Our commitment goes beyond mere treatment; we're dedicated to redefining hair restoration through innovative and sophisticated procedures. Our aim is to not just restore hair but to revive confidence and empower individuals with cutting-edge solutions. Let’s take a look at some of our latest treatments.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

The FUE Hair Transplant procedure, utilizing innovative NeoGraft or SmartGraft technology, offers minimally invasive, permanent hair restoration with a natural appearance and no linear scar. This sophisticated method uses precise controls to extract individual hair follicles for immediate transplantation, eliminating the need for stitches or noticeable scarring. Patients experience fast healing and can resume activities within days, enjoying fuller, lifelong natural-looking hair without the drawbacks associated with traditional strip transplants. FUE stands out for its minimal invasiveness, absence of pain, and the freedom it provides for short hairstyles, ensuring a comfortable and effective hair restoration experience.

NeoGraft Hair Restoration

NeoGraft Hair Restoration offers an array of benefits, including natural-looking results for both men and women, advanced and gentle technology, minimal discomfort, fewer activity restrictions, and a quick return to daily routines. This procedure, utilizing NeoGraft's pioneering FUE technology, ensures a solution to hair loss without linear scarring and with minimal downtime. The Hair Restoration Institute employs NeoGraft and SmartGraft technologies, with NeoGraft pioneering automated FUE systems that deliver fast, safe, and superior hair transplants, especially ideal for shorter hairstyles and avoiding visible scarring. With specialized training in NeoGraft, HRI's technicians guarantee natural outcomes even in extensive cases, thanks to enhanced technology ensuring faster, more comfortable procedures and standardized extractions for superior patient results.

SmartGraft Hair Restoration

SmartGraft, the latest in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technology, sets itself apart with its nimble design, ensuring precise extraction and minimal trauma during hair graft removal. This device delicately suctions and stores hair grafts in a temperature-controlled environment, maintaining their health and hydration without additional manipulation. HRI's Physicians employ SmartGraft for intricate work, especially for beard and facial hair transplants, benefitting from its controlled moisture environment, lighter hand piece reducing operator fatigue, and programmable settings enabling swift extraction and shorter transplantation times.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

HRI in Minneapolis specializes in cutting-edge FUT Hair Transplants, offering a minimally invasive outpatient procedure under local anesthesia for individuals seeking lasting hair restoration. With a focus on patient care, these procedures provide natural hair restoration in areas affected by thinning or loss, completed often in a single day with minimal discomfort. Our expert surgical team meticulously crafts natural-looking hairlines using single-follicle grafts, ensuring undetectable results even to discerning eyes. Harvesting hair strips from less susceptible balding areas and transplanting them into affected regions, this procedure guarantees minimal scarring, a brief recovery period of 24-36 hours, and permanent, natural-looking hair restoration, perfectly blending with the original hair for renewed confidence and satisfaction.

MaxDermal Graft

MaxDermal Graft revolutionizes hair restoration for advanced hair loss by seamlessly integrating FUE or FUT hair transplants with innovative Dermal Lens technology, delivering flawless results in less time. Experience a natural-looking hairline, enhanced density allowing versatile styling, and coverage for larger areas without visible scarring. With the swift journey to a fully restored look and the freedom to enjoy any hairstyle, MaxDermal Graft offers the best of surgical and non-surgical techniques, ensuring a comprehensive transformation for renewed confidence and vibrant hair.

Eyebrow Transplants

Eyebrow transplants at the Hair Restoration Institute of Minnesota offer a one-day outpatient procedure to restore your beauty and frame your face permanently. Thinning eyebrows from overplucking, waxing, or genetics can diminish confidence. While microblading and tattoos provide temporary fixes, nothing beats the natural look of real, growing hair. Our skilled plastic surgeons understand your desired look and create a tailored plan, transplanting hair follicles from your head to fill in bald or patchy areas. As experts in facial cosmetic procedures, we deliver trusted, beautiful results in just a couple of hours. These transplants yield permanent, vibrant brows that require regular trimming to maintain their neat appearance, growing naturally to match the donor area's length.

Precision-Crafted Solutions: Beard and Mustache Transplants

Transform your masculinity and embrace facial hair freedom with HRI's one-day outpatient Beard, Mustache, and Facial Hair Transplant, offering a permanent restoration for your confidence. Genetic bald spots or weak patches in facial hair are no longer a concern. Our skilled plastic surgeons specialize in facial cosmetic procedures, understanding your desired look to craft a tailored plan that fills in bald or patchy areas. Using larger grafts from the scalp's donor area, we ensure the thick, full beard or facial hair you desire. As leaders in facial hair restoration, HRI guarantees a skillful and handsome transformation in just a couple of hours, replacing hair follicles for permanent results. Expect vibrant, natural-looking facial hair that may require more frequent trimming to maintain its neat appearance as it grows to match the donor area's length.

Here at the Hair Restoration Institute, our focus is on effectiveness and tailored solutions, that address various aspects of hair loss using advanced techniques. Call us at 612-588-HAIR (4247) to schedule your free consultation with one of our caring hair loss professionals today. We will evaluate your hair loss and create a customized plan to give you a healthy, vibrant head of hair again. We are located at 8009 34th Avenue S, Suite #1225, Bloomington, Minnesota 55425.