December 21, 2021

Give the Gift of Hair Restoration to Yourself this Holiday


  How long have you been just accepting hair loss? If you’re like most people, your hair loss is upsetting, but you’ve put off coming into the Hair Restoration Institute for treatment because you’ve prioritized other people’s needs first. This holiday season, it’s time to do something for yourself and take control of hair loss with one of the many effective hair restoration treatments available today. The first step – consultation. Everyone’s hair loss is in a different stage and has different causes, so the first step to getting the right treatment for you is a complimentary hair loss consultation by one of our experienced hair loss professionals. Sometimes just taking that first step is the hardest part of getting help, but we make it easy with discreet consultations in a caring and friendly environment where you’ll feel comfortable discussing your hair restoration needs. We’ll take a full assessment of your general health, your hair loss, and its possible causes, and your goals for hair restoration, then we’ll put together a hair restoration plan that’s personalized just for you.  If you do nothing else for yourself this holiday season, make that appointment to get started on your hair restoration as a gift to yourself! Your personalized hair restoration plan may include one or more hair restoration or replacement treatments, depending on your individual needs. You’ll likely see at least one of these effective treatments on your plan from the Hair Restoration Institute: Hair transplantation. If your hair loss is in advanced stages, a hair transplantation treatment may be right for you. This minimally invasive treatment combines years of scientific research with the talent in our team of experienced medical professionals to restore growth in thinning areas. Both FUT (follicular unit transplantation) and FUE (follicular unit extraction) take healthy follicles from areas of thicker growth, such as the back of your head, and transplant them into the thinning areas, to make your hair appear thicker overall. By using your own follicles, we're able to regrow your own hair to provide a completely natural look that will blend into the rest of your hair flawlessly. Hair transplantation is an effective, permanent solution to hair loss. Low-level laser light treatments. These treatments are effective for restoring hair that is just beginning to thin. In early-stage hair loss, applying light at just the right frequency has been proven to both halt the progression of hair loss and stimulate new growth. Scalp micropigmentation. Micropigmentation is a treatment that’s very effective for people who wear their hair in extremely short buzz cuts. It works by adding hair-like pigments to the scalp so that your hair appears thicker when cut very short. These pigments last for about five to ten years and can be used to re-define the hairline or to cover up scars.  Dermal Lens hair replacement systems. Dermal Lens is an effective, exceptional hair replacement option available only at the Hair Restoration Institute. Our Dermal Lens systems use 100% natural Euro-texture human hair to create a system that integrates with your own hair to look completely natural, so no one will know about your thinning hair unless you tell them. Available for both men and women, this amazing system can make it look like you’ve never had a problem with thinning hair.  HRI hair loss prevention products. HRI’s exclusive line of hair loss prevention products use scientifically proven ingredients to nourish and protect your hair follicles as well as stimulate growth. Our products can be used alone or with complementary treatments, depending on your own personalized hair restoration plan.  Follea custom wigs. Wig technology has come a long way since the artificial-looking wigs of many decades ago. Today, Follea custom wigs are hand-crafted with the finest virgin European human hair. Available as pre-crafted wigs from Follea Beverly Hills or as a customized creation, Follea wigs are the best, most natural-looking wigs available. PRP treatments. PRP – platelet-rich plasma – treatments are an effective option for many different stages of hair loss. Using the natural growth factors in your very own blood, PRP treatments stimulate hair growth in both the early stages of hair loss and provide a perfect complement to hair transplantation to help speed the growth process.  Restoring your full head of hair can be the best gift you’ve ever given yourself for the holidays! The first step is a free consultation, so make your appointment today at the Hair Restoration Institute. Our professional hair loss experts can help restore your hair as well as the confidence and carefree lifestyle that you had before hair loss. You’ll find us at 8030 Old Cedar Ave S Ste 202 in Bloomington, MN, or call 612-588-HAIR (4247) for a private, complimentary consultation.