May 10, 2019

Could I Have A Full Head of Hair for Summer?


Summer is just around the corner and there are a lot of people thinking about the time they want to spend outdoors at the pool, hiking in nature or just taking part in more outdoor activities. Unfortunately, for many doing any of these things can create a great deal of anxiety because they suffer from hair loss. Most men and women both suffer from this common problem at various points in their lives. Hair loss can occur in a person’s early twenties (or even younger), or it can come with old age, or anywhere in-between. Much of our hair’s thickness and longevity often comes from our genes and our overall health and there isn’t always much we can do about that. Non-surgical Hair Replacement Options - MinnesotaToday when a person begins to notice their hair is thinning there are options like never before. At Hair Restoration Institute of Minnesota, we know that given the choice, people would rather have great looking hair. One way to get back the hair you’ve lost and have great looking hair again is with the latest in non-surgical hair replacement. Here are a few reasons why non-surgical hair replacement can be a great choice to help you restore your hair, your style, and your life, and enjoy all the activities you’ve planned for the upcoming summer with great looking hair again. A wide variety of hair options Each of us are unique and that goes for our hair as well. Hair can vary in volume, color, texture, and curl. That is why it is a critical step to have a hair consultation so your existing hair can be evaluated so we can create a hair replacement system that fits your hair type and will give you a feeling of confidence. Fittings unique to men and women We understand men and women’s unique hair needs. We work to accommodate the length that you desire. Women often feel compelled to grow out their hair to a specific length before having hair replacement treatments. We use hair of various lengths and trim them to your preference so you don’t have to worry about how long your hair is before getting a hair replacement or whether it will look natural. Hair that represents your personality At HRI we are invested in helping you feel at home with your new locks, whether it’s a whole new style, or a return to your favorite look again. We don’t believe in the take it or leave it attitude that is the philosophy of some companies. Our approach to non-surgical hair replacement is to help you feel confident in your new hair and give you a look that represents your personality and taste. Hair replacement used to be considered something that was only for men, but times have changed and today, countless women and even young adults have proved that notion is wrong. Hair Restoration Institute of Minnesota can help you get the full, stylish head of hair you want, regardless of the type or degree of hair loss you may be experiencing, in time for summer. Give us a call today to get started and to have great looking hair again just in time for summer.