August 30, 2019

Alopecia Areata Treatments & Solutions


Alopecia Areata, reoccurring spotty bald patches, is a hair loss condition that affects millions of men and women who struggle with it on a daily basis. Alopecia is simply a medical term for hair loss. Alopecia Areata is a form of hair loss that can affect some or all areas of the body, usually most noticeable in the scalp. Believed to be a form of auto-immune disease, Alopecia Areata causes bald spots on the scalp, especially in the early stages, it is sometimes called “spot baldness.” In 1% to 5% of cases, the condition can spread to the entire scalp (Alopecia Totalis) or to the entire body (Alopecia Universalis). The different types of Alopecia do not discriminate and can affect men, women, and children. Alopecia Areata - Men & WomenAt the moment there is no cure for Alopecia Areata but there are treatments that can work on a temporary basis. One popular treatment method requires injection of Corticosteroids* into the affected balding areas. Injections are performed by a doctor or licensed medical practitioner. This may temporarily help the area of the scalp near the injection site but hair loss may still occur in other untreated areas. For Alopecia Areata suffers, treatments like injections can be too uncomfortable or too expensive to continue treatments in the long term. Compounding matters, due to its very nature, spotty patches of hair loss can occur and reoccur in different areas of the scalp. At Hair Restoration Institute of Minnesota, we offer several affordable Alopecia Areata Treatments & Solutions options, including beautiful custom human hair wigs and hair pieces and other hair growth products, including minoxidil, an effective topical drug which can be effective in treating various forms of thinning hair and pattern hair loss. Hair replacement technology has come a long way over the past few years. Now, especially designed custom hair replacement systems can effectively help men and women experiencing hair loss in varying degrees of severity lead normal, productive lives. These hair replacement systems for men and women are virtually undetectable to both sight and touch, and are individually customized to your specific requirements. Alopecia Wigs for women are renowned as being beautiful, lightweight and breathable and when styled by an experienced wig maker look totally natural.  The finest wigs are made from virgin European hair. At Hair Restoration Institute in Bloomington, Minnesota, we have years of experience working with women, men, and children that have been diagnosed with alopecia areata. We have taken that experience and combined it with the most advanced technology in hair replacement. This means we can offer the most comfortable and realistic hair loss solutions available. If you have questions or concerns about options for dealing with Alopecia Areata, we encourage you to contact us. A professional hair loss specialist with work with you privately, one-on-one to address all your concerns and help you find the hair loss solution that is right for you.