September 25, 2018

5 Thinning Hair Signs Men in their 20’s Should Watch For


A majority of men at some point will have some hair loss. Most of us know we won’t go through life with the same amount of hair we have when we are young, we still try and hold on to that possibility. It is not uncommon that most men refuse to accept the signs of thinning hair and they convince themselves they aren’t losing their hair until that critical moment that they really look at themselves in the mirror and see that half their hair is gone. Most people have a hard time believing that male pattern baldness can affect someone in the 20’s. There is a notion that male hair loss only happens to middle age men, this isn’t only false but also damaging. It causes 20-year-old men to become more self-conscious about any hair loss they have. It makes accepting the fact that they are losing their hair a much more hard reality to accept, but accepting what may be happening is the first step to preventing thinning hair from getting worse.

Men need to be proactive in order to prevent thinning hair

The good news is that hair loss often can be treatable, especially if it is caught early. The more early it is realized then the more effective treatments can be. That is why it’s important to for young men to spot the signs of thinning hair so they can begin treatments for thinning hair. Some of the signs for men of any age to look for are: 1. Receding Hairline For most men, this is probably the most common sign that your hair is thinning. A receding hairline usually begins as a small amount. Often it can be the hair around your temples that begins to get a little thinner than the rest of your hair. At first, it may not be a big deal but left unchecked it can continue to recede until it creates a large M-shape pattern in the hair you have. 2. There’s less hair in your crown area Maybe it was just last year that you could part your hair and hardly see your scalp and now when you part your hair there is a noticeable gap that everyone can see. That is because the hair in your crown area is thinning and you are losing volume. Determining the amount of thinning hair you will have can be different for every man. Some just shed a little but for others, it can continue until they are left with a large bald patch. 3. Your hair doesn’t style the same way You struggle to get your hair to style like you used to. There are two reasons for this, you are either using different hair care products or you have lost so much hair that is sits differently on your head. If you are struggling to style your hair the same as you used to then you may be losing more hair than you realize. 4. You notice hairs lying around Each of us shed hair daily and this is quite normal. If you are experiencing male pattern baldness then you are losing more hair than you have growing back. Check your combs, hair brushes, shower drain and your pillowcase for hair. If you see more than you are used to seeing then your hair is falling out. 5. Your scalp is prone to sunburn When your hair is thick you never have to worry about the top of your scalp getting burned from the sun. If you notice your hair is thinning you may also notice the top of your scalp getting sunburned. If you spend more time outdoors than usual and your scalp is becoming more sensitive to the sun then you are probably losing your hair. Regardless of how much hair you have lost there are treatments and solutions to help you regain the hair that you have lost and stop hair loss from progressing. If you have severe hair loss there are solutions that can give you back a full head of hair as you had before. Speaking with a hair loss professional is the first step you need to take to begin regaining your hair.