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Minnesota’s #1 Clinic For Medical Hair Restoration

At Hair Restoration Institute of Minnesota, we are exclusively dedicated to the treatment of hair loss, offering the latest in medical hair transplant and restoration procedures for both men and women.

Named "Minnesota's Best" by the Star Tribune multiple years running, our mission is "to restore confidence through thick healthy hair."

Our one-day, permanent, guaranteed procedures are all conducted at HRI's world-class facility in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota, on a nature preserve one block south of MSP International Airport. Each individual hair restoration is customized to the patient’s specific needs, including age, hair type, general health, degree of hair loss, lifestyle, and overall expectations, and completed with maximum artistry, empathy, and privacy.

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Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

  • No Haircut required
  • Minimal cosmetic down-time
  • No change in hair density of donor area

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

  • No linear scar
  • Minimally invasive
  • Uses latest technology

Combination FUE/FUT

  • Benefits of 2 Hair Transplants in one sitting
  • Most cost-effective treatment available
  • Unlocks additional hair for transplantation
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Hair Transplants at HRI: The Permanent Solution to Hair Loss

As the Midwest’s leading hair restoration clinic, we are proud to be the home to some of the most experienced hair transplant surgeons in the world. HRI’s expert Physicians are specifically trained in Cosmetics and Surgery allowing them to achieve the most natural and artistically satisfying result possible. Their research has been published in textbooks, research papers, and studies by the FDA. Our physicians share a simple goal for each of our transplant patients: to achieve as much naturalness and density as possible. They accomplish this by tailoring their treatment plans and surgery designs to each individual patient.

There are a host of factors that must be taken into account with each patient before formulating the best hair transplant procedure for their individual needs. Some of the more important factors are the patient’s age, the hair-to-skin color contrast, the caliber of the hair, the patient’s goals for later styling, and, perhaps most important, the ratio of available donor hair in relation to the recipient area in need of coverage. Patients with a higher hair-to-skin color contrast will require greater density, part patterns will require specifically designed insertion patterns, and those with limited donor hair will often need a combination of treatments to achieve the optimal result.

Our hair transplant surgeons endeavor to produce a totally natural appearing hairline by specifically using single one-follicle grafts. They then carefully blend in progressively larger and denser grafts behind the hairline. These grafts can contain between one and four hairs in a single graft.

By using the latest state-of-the-art hair transplantation methods, we are able to typically move four to six times as much hair as in a standard hair transplant procedure, producing a completely natural result.

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Does Hair Transplantation Really Work?

Hair Transplantation really works. The transplanted hair is removed from one area known as the donor site (typically the side or back of the head) and transferred to another (recipient site). The transferred tissue is not “rejected” as it is not foreign tissue. The transplanted hair maintains it’s own characteristics; color, texture, growth rate, and curl, after transplantation and regrowth.

The day of the “pluggy” doll hair look is long gone. The main limitation to hair transplantation is density. While hair is moved from one location to another, there is no overall increase in hair density as a result.

Therefore it is important to determine whether you qualify as a candidate for medical hair transplant. This can only be determined during an initial examination by a qualified specialist.

Hair Transplants at HRI: Skill, Artistry, Teamwork

The decision to take action against hair loss can be, for some individuals, a difficult one. By choosing the most qualified hair restoration expert, the decision becomes an easier one to make.

Hair restoration is one of the most important decisions a patient will ever make about his or her appearance. Our physicians are personally involved in each hair transplant procedure. Because they have built their practice on the principle of the highest quality of patient care and satisfaction, the doctors and their professional staff takes the time to educate their patients before a decision to proceed with any procedure is made.

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How much do Hair Transplants Cost in Minnesota?

When it comes to the benefits in ones' career, confidence, and personal life, a hair transplant is one of the best investments someone can make in themselves. Plus at the Hair Restoration Institute of Minnesota, it is a guaranteed permanent procedure, making it money well spent. But how much does the hair restoration procedure cost?

The cost of your procedure will depend both on the technique you select for your procedure (FUE or FUT) and the number of grafts required to fill in the areas of recession. Most FUT procedures range in the $8,000-$13,000, while FUEs typically cost $9,000-$14000. To find out how much you should expect to invest in your procedure, please schedule a confidential consultation with one of HRI's patient specialists, who can provide a clear estimate.

HRI is proud to offer Best Price Guarantee so you can have the confidence of knowing you're not only getting the best service, but the most cost-effective treatment. We also have affordable financing options, and discounts to veterans, teachers, and first-responders.

The Biggest Hair Transplants Available in the United States

Hair Restoration Institute of Minnesota offers the largest hair transplants medically possible in the United States. As a pioneer in Combination Hair Transplants, we have the ability to perform two hair transplants in a single sitting! Such procedures offer the largest restoration possible with the minimum downtime, at the lowest per-graft price.

We begin with a FUT procedure in the donor area, moving the maximum number of permanent hair follicles without reducing the hair density on the back of the head. We then increase the size of the procedure by performing a FUE procedure in the area above and below the FUT donor area, as well as on the peripheries of the scalp, unlocking more hair for transplantation.

This technique of performing two medium-to-large procedures using a combination of FUT and FUE techniques has several benefits over performing one gigantic procedure using FUE or FUT alone.

  • First, a very large FUT procedure (in excess of 3000 grafts) requires a significant amount of scalp pliability and can increase scalp tightness, making the closure difficult and potentially causing the scar line to stretch and widen. By limiting the size of the FUT portion of the Combination procedure, we can ensure a beautiful closure with no scalp tightness and a virtually invisible scar.
  • Second, a very large FUE procedure (in excess of 3000 grafts) requires so many follicles that some less experienced clinic can create an overharvested or “mothed” appearance. While individual FUE extractions are very small and heal very quickly, a large number of them can in aggregate take longer to heal. By limiting the size of the FUE by also completing a FUT, we can ensure a natural looking result that maintains excellent density across the donor area, as well as a quick recovery.
  • Third, because much of the cost of the procedure is the cost of the surgical suite, equipment, and medications, a single combination procedure is less expensive than two or more smaller procedures because it is completed in a single sitting.
  • Fourth, for those with a lot of loss who want a single seamless restoration, such men with Norwood level 5+ balding, or individuals undergoing gender transition, the Combination procedure is the fastest path to hair restoration. Instead of having to complete multiple procedures over several years, the Combination procedure can be finished in a single sitting and then grow in over the coming 9-12 months.

Hair Restoration: Expect The Best

At Hair Restoration Institute of Minnesota, we understand the life- changing impact that surgical hair restoration can have on you and your self-confidence. That’s why we are so passionate about what we do and why our attention to total patient care always includes:

  • The latest, most up-to-date, proven hair transplant technology.
  • The realization that hair transplant surgery is an art form requiring the skill and dedication of a surgeon with decades of experience and a keen eye to create the most natural, undetectable results imaginable.
  • Discreet, private, dignified, and confidential service by a dedicated team of medical hair restoration professionals.
  • Professional, one-on-one personalized service.
  • Restoring your confidence and self-esteem with safe, clinically proven hair loss treatments.
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Restore Your Hair By Air

For those who live outside of the Twin Cities area, but still want hair as thick as a Minnesota Viking, Hair Restoration Institute offers a travel voucher and on-site hotel though our “Hair by Air” program.

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