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Clinically Proven Hair Loss Prevention Products

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A Scientific Approach To Achieve Healthy Hair And Scalp

Our Multi-Therapeutic Hair Loss Treatment and Prevention programs utilize a combination of new and exclusive growth activators (proven performance by Australia’s leading Hair Loss Pharmacist and our own Hair Restoration Institute of Minnesota tests), and special hair nutritional supplements and sodium laurel ether sulfate-free shampoo and other topical treatments along with the laser hair therapy treatments, including:


Hair loss and thinning hair can have a devastating effect on not only your appearance but also on your self-esteem. At HRI in Bloomington, Minnesota, we create individually personalized programs for men and women with our clinically proven, multi- therapeutic hair loss prevention and rejuvenation technology to address the root causes of thinning hair and hair loss with safe, effective solutions.

Our multi-therapeutic, trichological approach combines advanced treatment and prevention products, services, and solutions with FDA approved low level laser light hair and scalp therapy for unmatched hair loss treatment results.

Hair Loss Prevention & Treatment Products
For Men & Women

HRI Maximum Growth Therapy

MGT provides 11 of the best topical DHT blockers, plus proven hair vitamins and vasodilators to provide the best opportunity for thick healthy hair. MGT is designed to help stop hair loss using DHT blockers and by adding nutrients. MGT provides hair with protein building nutrients and B vitamins directly to the hair follicle to help with hair growth. It is scientifically proven to stimulate new hair growth, due in large part to its high percentage of panthenol and cysteine, a keratin protein which is the basic protein found in human hair.

MGT has a proven vasodilator which improves blood flow assisting the vitamins in revitalizing the condition of the hair and scalp. It also relieves the scalp of dryness and encourages thick healthy hair. MGT is used instead of enhanced Minoxidil for all Natural programs. It strengthens hair damaged by chemicals and helps with scalp irritation. The MGT active DHT blocking ingredients include Saw Palmetto, Beta Sitosterol, Pygeum Bark Extract, Stinging Nettles Extract, Alpha Linolenic Acid, Gamma Linolenic Acid, Linseed Extract, Borage Oil, Green Tea Extract, Pumpkin Seed Extract and Evening Primrose Extract.

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HRI Advanced 5% Topical Minoxidil For Men And Women

Advanced Topical Minoxidil is FDA proven, with 76% of people using it obtaining some to moderate hair regrowth, 40% moderate to good hair regrowth and 8% dense regrowth. We make Minoxidil significantly better in five ways and make it part of a comprehensive hair regrowth program.

How to Make Minoxidil Better

What Hinders Minoxidil from Working Well

  • Sebum from sebaceous gland blocks the hair follicle.
  • Minoxidil therefore, cannot penetrate the sebum as well to get to the dermal papilla (where hair growth occurs).
  • Minoxidil which contains 30%-60% alcohol, stays on the surface causing in many cases, irritation and itching of the scalp and drying of the hair shaft. Minoxidil works at the dermal papilla, not on the scalp surface.
  • Limited Penetration = Limited Results!

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HRI Complete For Men And Women

HRI Complete(TM) was clinically developed to help grow your hair stronger, fuller, faster and to arrest pattern hair loss in both men and women of all ethnicities. Clinically and Laboratory Proven, Physician Recommended HRI CompleteTM fights DHT (which attacks your hair and causes most hair loss in men and women) with an unsurpassed formulation of anti-androgenetic (DHT blocking) agents; consisting of: special saw palmetto berry extract, proprietary phytosterol blend including beta sistosterol and other key sterols, pygeum bark, green tea, stinging nettle, and ho shu wu. HRI Complete(TM) provides clinically proven hair growth vitamins, minerals, and nutraceuticals and has no side effects. This advanced herbal alternative to Propecia (R) blocks significantly more DHT than other products and is so unique that it is patented.

This product was developed by our team of physicians and medical personnel consisting of a Trichologist, a medical technologist and nurse, as well as, one of the worlds largest nutritional companies and a large International Hair Loss and Hair Care Manufacturer. In addition, this product is based on hundreds of national and international clinical studies and thousands of our patients in the USA and Europe. Working with all this information we blended one product that has the all the best DHT fighting ingredients and the best essential vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals for hair health. We then added the key ingredients of a popular hair nutritional which has been proven in numerous studies. No other product comes even close!

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HRI Dexpanthenol for Men and Women

The Dexpanthenol acts as a cleanser of the scalp and hair follicles by helping to dissolve excess secretions of the sebaceous glands (sebum) which causes seborrheic dermatitis. Contains a high concentration of B5 vitamins to help strengthen hair. Helps Minoxidil to work better by cleansing the scalp, unclogging follicles of sebum, and increasing the permeability of the scalp for gases and liquids.

There are four major ways that Dexpanthenol helps you keep your hair.
  • Dexpanthenol gives your hair the B5 it needs because it contains a strong concentration of B vitamins, particularly B5, which is important for the strength of your hair.
  • Dexpanthenol dissolves sebum, flakes (dandruff). Excessive sebum can cause hair to die or break prematurely. In many cases clients who have used harsh dandruff shampoos that harm their while trying to get rid of dandruff, can now use less dandruff shampoo.
  • Dexpanthenol has been shown to increase the permeability of the stratum corneum outer layer, thus facilitating in exchange of gases and liquids across the outer barrier of the scalp.
  • Makes Minoxidil work better. Through cleaning of the scalp of sebum, and increasing the permeability, Dexpanthenol paves the way for better permeability of Minoxidil. It just makes sense, if sebum is blocking the Minoxidil from getting into the hair follicle to do its work, it can’t work.

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Multi-Therapeutic Treatment for Better Results

HRI Hair Solutions Scalp Therapy Dexpanthenol 12%

Utilize Dexpanthenol to break up and dissolve sebum. Dexpanthenol also hydrates the Stratum Corneum layer (outer layer of skin around the hair shaft) making it more permeable to gases and liquids, such as Minoxidil.

Effective Scalp Penetration

After Dexpanthenol has hydrated the outer layer and dissolved the sebum, Minoxidil in carrier solution penetrates down to the dermal papilla.

Carrier Enhancement Agent

The carrier agent neutralizes the alcohol in Minoxidil to allow for better penetration and less irritation and dryness of the scalp. Remember, Minoxidil only works at the dermal papilla level, not on the scalp, so if it can’t penetration it can’t work. Minoxidil in carrier solution can penetrate down to the dermal papilla and regrow hair better.

Combine with Laser Hair Loss Treatment Therapy

Through doctor-directed programs combining low level laser technology with proven HRI formula hair loss treatment and control products, we have helped thousands of Minnesota men and women successfully combat hair loss and experience healthy hair growth.

Steps To More Effective Minoxidil Treatment

Mix with Carrier Enhancement Agent

The carrier lotion is the result of years of research and development. The carrier maintains Minoxidil in a liquid state longer allowing it to penetrate down into the follicle where it will have the maximum effect on the growth of the hair shaft. Use of the carrier lotion allows you to use less Minoxidil to achieve a larger effective dosage level by converting it into a liquid that is more easily absorbed. Pharmacia & Upjohn Company recommends using 2ml of Minoxidil daily but because of the improved delivery system, the amount of Minoxidil needed was significantly reduced (by 50%) to 1ml daily.

Effective Monitoring Of Treatment

Pharmacia & Upjohn provided no means of patient monitoring for Minoxidil effectiveness. The result of this is many patients are unable to evaluate results and are inclined to discontinue the use of Minoxidil. At HRI Hair Solutions, you’ll receive a monthly check up and monitoring plan free. This includes all future check ups (we like to see you every 1 to 2 months), digital pictures and microscopic pictures and analysis and scalp evaluations. We want you to know exactly and scientifically how your treatments are working so together we can adjust your treatment plan to how you respond to treatments (everybody responds differently). We then can adjust your plan to you hair loss needs, goals and budget. We offer free monthly scientific checkups and digital pictures.

Better Application Methods

Pharmacia & Upjohn failed to recognize the importance of intrafollicular drug therapy. The result of this is that they provided application methods that were not suited to this new type of therapy. The key to the carrier is the unique method of application. The use of the HRI Hair Solutions Gentle Shampoo, Carrier Lotion, and Dexpanthenol (12%) allows Minoxidil to reach the hair follicle, making it much more likely to obtain the desired result of hair growth.

Adding Bio

stimulating laser light therapy will encourage and accelerate the hair growth and bring in your hair thicker and fuller than just using Minoxidil alone.

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