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Carrie Rahn, NP

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Carrie Rahn, NP

Nurse Practitioner

I STRIVE TO EDUCATE MY PATIENTS about their care and how to achieve the best results. I have personally gone through the experience of hair loss and understand the affect this can have in multiple areas of one’s health, which has driven me to pursue aesthetic medicine, including PRP and the restoration of hair.” – Carrie RahnNurse Carrie Rahn, MSN RN APRN CNP FNP-C, has worked in the medical field since the early 1990’s starting as a nursing assistant. She has been trained and certified as a registered nurse since 2001. Most of Nurse Carrie’s work has been in the emergency department helping people in their biggest time of need. She prides herself on her ability to ease the fears and anxiety of her patients and has a passion for helping people understand the path to a more fulfilled life.Nurse Carrie obtained her registered nurse degree in 2001, furthered her education with a bachelors of science in nursing in 2016 and finally took her education to the graduate level with a masters of science in nursing with a special focus as a family practice nurse practitioner. She continually stays up-to-date on the current trends and provide high quality care through evidence based best practices.